A Little About Me!

What's behind my last name!

Soo my last name is Grima. If you are wondering it origins come from Malta. That's right. I am of Maltese decent. (on my father's side). The Maltese heritage is SO important to me as it is so unique. Throughout my life I have only met a handful of other "Maltese People" as I call them. We are always paired up with Italians and them are fightin' words. Ha! Just kidding! I come from a family of four siblings (three brothers and one sister), which has now turned into adding three sister-in-laws, a brother-in-law, and seven nieces and nephews. Our family is loud, crazy, God fearing, and all over the place but I wouldn't change them for the world. We are originally from Redford, MI, but became country bumpkins back in 2003 when we moved to Fowlerville, MI and have been there ever since. Best decision ever! (The Grima's are NOT city lovin folks!) I am a lover of good books, Hallmark movies, sitting by the fire with a cup of Hot Chocolate and digging deep into meaningful conversations and friendships with people. Believe it or not I loved being in school and continued with that school love now as an adult and proud of the degrees I hold in Communication Arts, English, Youth and Youth Adult Ministry, Scripture Studies, and my most recent Master's Degree in Pastoral Ministry. I love helping people and my passions are serving anyone and everyone who crosses my path! I can't wait to meet you!
XO Jes